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Welcome to the only unique online dating site for people with hearing impairments. Being deaf should not be a barrier to achieving happiness, friendship and love. If you are sick of being judged or discriminated against because of your hearing, then deaf dating is the on line forum for you. We value who you are as an individual and want to make sure you have every opportunity at finding your soul mate, love and fulfillment in life.

Deaf dating is an easy to use dating site, where you can join for free with no sign up obligations. By joining deaf dating you are able to view the hundreds of thousands of members, who like you, want to find their perfect match. We ensure that you are meeting genuine singles, no frauds or on line scammers here. Everyday face to face dating can be difficult, disappointing and frustrating. People can be quick to judge you negatively because of your hearing difficulties in an unfair manner, without even getting to know you. By joining deaf dating, you get to chat online to others and meet your potential matches. You get treated with the respect you deserve and we know you won't be disappointed.

Joining deaf dating is easy. And free. It takes just a few moments to create your on line profile, update photos and start your search for your soul mate. Join now - you have nothing to lose.

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